Helping Recover Missing Children

Child Smiling

Our Most Precious Resource!

Missing Child Board

Missing Children in Oregon & Washington

One of six children recovered is a result of
their photo being seen in a public location!

  • Your sponsorship gets crucial information on missing children where it is best seen to aid in their recovery.
  • Information on the children is supplied by the State Police Clearing House on Missing Children
  • Additional information is provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • Standard display size is four feet high by eight feet wide.
  • The construction, installation and maintenance of the display is funded by local businesses purchasing sponsor signs on the perimeter of the display which features their business.
  • The display boards are placed in high foot traffic areas inside the store usually in entryways or near check out stands for maximum viewing.
  • People seeing your support in providing a bulletin board is encouraged to patronize your business.
  • For information of a display near you and sponsorship inquires call 1-888-402-6578

Some examples:

Left Display Right Display